Anti - Viral Reinvigorate Hydrosol Spray

Hydrosols are multi functional for skin, air, surfaces plus:


  • Anti - Viral: Great for DIY ( Do it yourself ) aids in social distancing and cleaning surfaces, as it helps reduce the presence of unwanted viral, bacterial, and fungal activity.  
  • Surface Cleaner : Assist in the removal of  unwanted viral, bacterial, and fungal activity from counter tops and appliances..
  • Antimicrobial: Destroys or suppresses the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


  • Meditation/Prayer Spray: Hydrosols can be used to help enhance meditation and prayer.  
  • Aromatic Substitute for Water in Personal Care Recipes: Enhance your lotion, cream, room mist and other recipes that call for water with skin-safe hydrosols.  


  • Deodorant & Perfume Spray: Mist under arms and as needed elsewhere to help prevent body odor.
  • Foot Spray: Mist the tops and bottoms of feet to help control foot odor and to refresh your feet.
  • Aroma Massage: Spray the hydrosol on oily skin before starting the massage.


  • Car Spray: Mist the interior of your car, avoiding polished, painted and fragile surfaces.
  • Linen Refresher: Simply spray to freshen and fragrance sheets, towels, pillows and other linens.
  • Calming Spray: Mist your room, body and face using hydrosols that are reported to help reduce stress and anxiety.


Anti - Viral Reinvigorate Hydrosol Spray

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Anti - Viral : DIY - Do it yourself  aids in social distancing and cleaning, as it helps reduce the presence of unwanted viral, germs, bacterial, and fungal. . 
For use as a Social Distance personal space cleanser,
spray into the surrounding air, or on solid surfaces, hands and feet.

Removes harmful airborne pathogens and provides air purification. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Perform a skin patch test to prevent skin sensitivity.
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), Vanilla, Cinnamon Ceylon, proprietary blend.                                                                                                                                                                             


The warm, comforting aroma of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is ideal for use in diffuser blends and DIY (Do It Yourself) cleaning blends, as it helps reduce the presence of unwanted viral, bacterial, and, fungal activity. Cinnamon supports healthy metabolic function and helps maintain a healthy immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high. Applied topically in extremely low dilution, Cinnamon Bark Oil assists in restoring ease and comfort to tired, fatigued or overworked bodies. In natural perfumery, the sweetness of Cinnamon adds warmth and a spicy appeal to perfume compositions when used in trace amounts and is often used in Oriental and chypre perfumes to add a spicy, warm and sweet touch.Organically crafted Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is steam distilled from the sustained wild crafted, rich, spicy bark of the small Cinnamomum zeylanicum (synonym Cinnamomum verum) evergreen tree, also known as the True Cinnamon tree, growing wild in the forests of Sri Lanka. 

NOTE: Cinnamomum zeylanicum, also called Cinnamomum verum is generally referred to as Ceylon Cinnamon; Ceylon being the old, pre-independence name for Sri Lanka, the native home of True cinnamon. Cinnamon has a long history of culinary uses, adding spice to desserts, entrees, and hot drinks. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is rich in aldehydes, particularly Cinnamaldehyde, which has been found to reduce inflammation and act as an antimicrobial (a substance that destroys or suppresses the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi).Emotionally, Cinnamon Bark Oil grounds and restores. This essential oil is incredibly uplifting and can gently improve morale, especially during times of situational anxiety and depression. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Cinnamon Bark Oil can also be used to inspire sensual moods, as it has potent aphrodisiac properties.